The pricing includes printing, preparing for mailing, certifying the mailing list, the postage and delivering to the post office (but not sales tax).

The system allows you to order both a quantity of mailers to print & mail PLUS a quantity to have delivered to your location.

We offer two version-options both of which can be ordered during the same shopping session (by placing your mailing order to your cart, then continuing to shop - adding additional copies to you cart then checking out) at a minimum of 50 for mailing, with a minimum of 50 additional mailers that can be delivered to your location.

You can decide to order just the mailers to be mailed and NOT order any additional copies; however, you cannot order just additional copies without ordering a minimum of 50 Mailers that will be printed and mailed for you.

Price Guide:

100 COVER WEIGHT 6-page (11 x 25.5 folds to 8.5 x 11) Version
               STANDARD PRESORT MAIL                    FIRST CLASS PRESORT MAIL

500:              $1,275.27                                              500:              $1,475.27
750:              $1,525.69                                              750:              $1,826.61
1,000            $1,794.17                                              1,000:           $2,195.61
1,250            $2,036.13                                               1,250:          $2,536.38
1,500:            $2,286.61                                         1,500             $2,886.30
                  The above pricing does not include sales tax

NOTE: You can order ANY quantity between 500 and 2,500 to mail and extras to have delivered to your location